Our Philosophy

Poesia means poetry in Italian and each scented candle comes with a different poem that is evocative, enlivening, metaphorical, and meaningful. Poesia candles are intense, appetizing, and completely distinctive.

Our candle collection is based on storytelling and was created to capture memories, places, emotions, and experiences – making each scent a personal journey. All scents have been developed and tailored based on our creative brief by fragrance experts within the industry specifically for Poesia.

Our specially selected Poesia candles have been designed using only the highest quality soy blend wax and leading aromatic ingredients. The wick is made from cotton to ensure a clean burn and an even scent throw.

Poesia is committed to ethical leadership and sustainable practices, processes, and policies, which means doing business responsibly and having a trust relationship with stakeholders. Trust is created by having a commonly accepted lived set of values. We encourage waste reduction and resource efficiency to have a positive impact on the environment and, ultimately, on our own business.

Poesia candles are plastic free, and no tests are performed on animals. 

Enjoy our beautiful, hand-crafted luxury candles!